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My English is a private English language school for everyone. We offer a range of courses to suit many different levels and abilities, from pre-school through to business English. As well as standard adult courses, we also offer special courses, which incorporate the medium of music to make your learning experience just a little bit different!

All courses held at the My English premises are for small groups of maximum 6 participants unless shown. For courses held at your place of work or home, the size depends on the room available

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Cambridge First Certificate - B2

"First, also known as First Certificate in English (FCE), is an upper-intermediate level qualification. It proves you can use everyday written and spoken English for work or study purposes." Cambridge English

The First exam needs careful preparation.
Students do not just need a sound knowledge of English grammar, but also an understanding of the many different phrasal verbs, idioms, word formations and collocations.

Candidates need to be skilled at listening for red herrings (= distracters), 'skim' reading, writing in the appropriate style for their target reader using correct punctuation, and speaking with good pronunciation while answering questions fully and clearly.

Students often make the mistake of thinking they can enrol for this exam, rock up and pass. Unfortunately, unless you are extremely skilled in English then you will find this method doesn't work! 

A well-prepared student, on the other hand, has a much better chance of adding this highly-regarded certificate to their list of achievements.

At My English we can help you prepare.
With a range of tips and tricks at your disposal, lots of practice and knowledge of exactly what is required in each part of the exam, you will be in an excellent position to sail through the exam...

If you are interested in a course or private one to one lessons to help you prepare for the First exam, please contact us at:

Cambridge Advanced Certificate - C1

"The demand for high-level English language skills is increasing all around the world. Passing Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) shows that you are a high achiever." Cambridge English

The Advanced requires excellent English language skills.
Like the First exam, the Cambridge Advanced (CAE) requires thorough preparation. Knowledge of exactly what is expected in the exam is a must, together with an extensive lexicon and understanding of complex grammar structures.

At this high level, candidates are expected to push their language skills to the limit - staying within your comfort zone of tried and tested vocabulary won't get you the marks you need to get this exam under your belt!

Successful candidates will be able to use English with confidence at academic and professional levels, and the exam content reflects this by testing candidates' abilities to the full.

At My English we will help you succeed.
Exceptional preparation with exposure to good quality reading and listening material, opportunities to practice speaking in different situations, both professional and social, and a broad lexicon which includes idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs, will go a long way to ensuring that you are in an excellent position to achieve the result you desire.

If you are interested in a course or private one to one lessons to help you succeed at passing the CAE exam, please contact us at:

Current course:
Wednesday evenings, 19.30 - 21.00 - 2 places available.
(Maximum 5 participants.)